The achievements of PRO PLUS guarantee success for those clients, who seek efficient advertising. Television programmes provide reliable communication of advertisers with target groups. As we wish that our programmes remain kind to the viewers, we adjust the time and type of advertising in individual programmes, offering new, even more efficient ways to reach the target groups.

The contents of all three television channels of the company PRO PLUS, which provide an extensive, complete reach and a possibility of even more accurate reach of specific target groups, reach on average as many as 50 % of all viewers in front of TV screens (Source: AGB Nielsen Media Research).


Aleš Muhič
Director of Sales
Phone: 01/5893 32301/5893 323
 Aljaž Krese
Deputy Director of Sales
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Jana Štokovič Babič
Head of Television Advertising
Phone: 01/5893 401
01/5893 401