The vision of the media company PRO PLUS is based on transparent operations and open communication.

This field is covered by the Public Relations Service, which operates within Marketing. The service provides efficient and transparent internal and external communication, as well as support for decisions of the company management and company’s operations. It applies communication strategies, communication with the employees, directs relations with the media, viewers and internet users, supports marketing strategies and consolidates corporate social responsibility. The public is delivered messages on the company and its operations, and the media and public get answers concerning the projects of the media company. Thus it actively contributes to the presentation of the company, understanding and efficient positioning and strengthening of the trademarks owned by the media company PRO PLUS.

Our communication is proactive, responsible and complete.

The communication bridge with the public related to our media company has been built with support of well-established expertise, fundamental knowledge of expectations and mutual and fair relationship. Such strategically operated corporative communication can lead to consistency, openness and added value for all relevant stakeholders: employees, media, business and social environment. Together we are able to develop the corporative trademark PRO PLUS on long-term. In communication, the latter is given a unique, recognizable and visible focus – by expressing our values, knowledge, strategy, vision and mission.