With its web portals, PRO PLUS has been following the latest mobile trends and information as well as communication innovations, therefore all our web portals can be visited using various mobile platforms and devices.



The web portal 24ur.com is available on mobile devices also as a free application, and after our own application for iPhone and iPad had been developed, we proceeded with an application for the most popular operating system in the world, the Android. All versions can be downloaded from web shops, the Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market. It became the top downloaded contents in Slovenia in three days. With this application the users can follow all the contents available at 24.ur.com: Articles, photos, photo galleries, videos and comments.



Having developed the free application 24ur.com, we continued with the mobile applications for selected portals − for the operating system iOS (applications for 24ur.com, VOYO, Moškisvet.com, Zadovoljna.si), Android (applications for 24ur.com, VOYO) and Windows (applications for 24ur.com and VOYO ). Mobile websites are available for the portals 24ur.com, Bibaleze.si, Okusno.je, Moškisvet.com, Zadovoljna.si and Dominvrt.si.

The existing applications of the company PRO PLUS have been added the application for VOYO.

VOYO is the richest treasury of video contents in Slovenia.

There are synchronized cartoons, blockbusters and eternal classical hits, reality shows, latest news, sport broadcasts, telenovels and even more. The library offers an insight into the contents for every taste, age and trend at any time of the day.

Now VOYO is truly available at any time and any place − on your personal computer, as an application on mobile phones and tablet computers for both most popular mobile operating systems, iOS , Android and Windows Phone. Furthermore, the application VOYO is also available for Phillips, Samsung and LG smart TV sets.